That’s the Four Percent Rule?

Someone asked us this past week if we would explain what the “Four percent rule” was and how it came about.  The Four percent rule is based on a study by an individual named William Bengen.  His study suggested that one could safely withdraw 4% of their starting portfolio value for 30 years without running out of money.  The rule [...]

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What assumptions apply to you?

There was an interesting article the other day in the Wall Street Journal that discussed a recent survey of workers in their 60’s who were asked about their retirement preferences.  The author found that the assumptions that are usually imbedded in retirement-income-calculators, for example good health, not wanting to make a bequest and claiming social security as soon as you [...]

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What can money buy you?

“Money Can't Buy Happiness” is an adage that some people live by, and others ignore. According to a recent Purdue study “income can correlate with emotional well-being and life satisfaction.” But, as this week’s article tells us, apparently the price of happiness differs depending on the State you live it. We may have some ideas on how to continue to [...]

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How you make money

An indexed annuity is a type of annuity contract between you and an insurance company. It generally promises to provide returns which are based on a link to the performance of a market index. You usually make one initial lump sum payment to the insurance company. That payment is then allocated to one or more indexed investment options that you select. The insurance [...]

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Guiding you through

We continue to read articles confirming that while it is certainly an arduous task to work for decades and plan ahead in order to financially afford a comfortable retirement, what appears to continue to be unsettling to many is the actual transition into a life post-workforce. Concerns about losing one’s routine, the fading away of work-place friends and confronting the [...]

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How much is enough?

Did you know according to a study by psychologists from Purdue University enough money is what is needed to never have to worry about going broke, or paying for medical care, but that life satisfaction tops out at an annual salary of $95,000, on average. Call us if you’d like some ideas of how to obtain an income in retirement [...]

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Did you know money is only half the story?

This week’s article tells us that retirement planning seems to always be all about numbers. It centers around one question: Do my financial assets provide enough income to fund my desired retirement lifestyle? “But ask any retiree, and they will likely tell you that it is only half the story. You’ll need enough money to get by, of course, but [...]

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Curious about how you compare to others?

The “How America Saves 2022” report referenced recently by CNBC might give you that information.  The report states the average retirement savings account balances by age, indicating that for those within the 55 to 64 age bracket the average savings account balance is $256,200 and for those age 65 and older, the average savings account balance is $280,000.  Besides age, [...]

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What exactly does that mean?

There has been a lot of talk recently about a recession, opinions about if one will come, what it means, and how it will affect each of us.  A recession is defined by the National Bureau of Economic Research as “a significant decline in economic activity that is spread across the economy and that lasts more than a few months.”  [...]

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How much can I earn and still get my SS benefits?

With the markets down, and fear of dissipating retirement savings up, we thought to answer a question we’ve been asked in the past.  How much can you earn without reducing your social security benefits?  Let’s start by explaining that when you begin receiving Social Security retirement benefits, you are considered retired by the Social Security Administration’s (SSA). That means you [...]

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