Are you ready to do it?

This week’s article approaches retirement from a different perspective. It discusses the idea of emotional readiness, and specifically when to retire. It goes on to say “if you are lucky enough to be able to determine your own retirement date, be grateful that this change is not being forced upon you. But also, be aware that it isn’t a simple [...]

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Do you know what FIRE is?

In the context of planning for your retirement, it stands for Financial Independence, Retire Early and it represents a philosophy where people become committed to a program of what many would consider extreme savings coupled with investments that aim to enable individuals to retire much earlier than traditional budgets and retirement plans would permit. While going to an extreme is [...]

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Early retirement whether wanted or not

This week’s article tells us "More than a quarter of all workers say COVID has prompted them to move up their retirement date, found a survey released in February by the National Institute for Retirement Security.” One study even suggested that nearly 2 million older workers have left the labor force for good since the start of the pandemic. If [...]

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Some of you have inquired as to whether you can make an appointment to come in and have a general discussion about your retirement plans and current ideas for future financial sustainability. The answer is “Absolutely”! We are always here for you and are happy to have a refresher conversation about information you had given us in the past, explain [...]

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You’ve heard it a hundred times

Most Americans haven’t saved enough for retirement. Clearly $0 in retirement savings is not enough, so just how much is “enough”? How do you know how much you should be saving, and at what ages, in order to reach your retirement goal?” If these questions are on your mind, you might like to learn that while the final answer will [...]

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What was the impact on you?

We can all agree that the pandemic created many unexpected events in each of our lives, and we’ve all had to adapt. That means now is a good time to review how your needs may have changed, and if those changes have impacted the financial goals you previously set for yourself and your family. One way of doing that is [...]

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Wonder why it’s hard?

If you have ever wondered why it is hard to save money for retirement, this week’s article may be of interest to you. “Psychology is often just as important in personal finance as are the numbers – the way we save, spend and invest are all influenced by the way we think and feel, especially when it comes to preparing [...]

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While you may know that you cannot avoid risk in your life, you can prepare for it. Depending on your stage in life, there are specific risks you may want to think about, and incorporate into your planning. We read about three key stages of evolving needs and the risks associated with them, and thought to share them with you [...]

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Independent Living

Sometimes when we think of our later years in retirement we neglect to reflect on what savings we might need to have for the ‘buy-in’ into an independent living facility, and focus only on the possibility of health care costs and the monthly fee we will be charged for rent and food and more. If you are looking at your [...]

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10 Years

“If you want to retire in 10 years it might be possible. But it’ll require some work.” The opening sentence of this week’s article caught my eye as getting finances in order now to meet goals later on takes planning. We are aware of some options that not only can provide you income in ten years, but an income you [...]

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