Food for Thought

There was a great article in the Wall Street Journal this past week that discussed a thought that the current tight labor market coupled with all of the remote and otherwise flexible opportunities in the job market might actually be a good time for retirees to think about going back to work in one form or another. That thought brings [...]

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Some things never change

“On the surface, retirement planning hasn’t changed all that much over the years. You work, you save and then you retire. But while the mechanics may be the same, today’s savers are facing some challenges that previous generations didn’t have to worry about.” Those challenges are things we have often spoken about, a longer life expectancy probably being the most [...]

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Where you end up focusing

Tax-advantaged accounts, or qualified accounts, allow your portfolio to grow without the impact of taxes, a major benefit when it comes to savings for your goals. For retirement, there are multiple account options to choose from, and tax rules will most likely vary for each of them. It is very important to remember, however, that where you end up [...]

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Two questions

It is a natural inclination to worry more about our dependents then ourselves, and the same is true when it comes to life insurance. Two of the most frequently asked questions when considering life insurance are what financial resources will be available to survivors after your death and, what will their needs be? There are generally three categories of resources: [...]

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Know your proverb

Slow and steady wins the race is an idiom we have all heard, but rarely do we think to apply it to how we approach retirement planning. Taking a slower, more consistent approach often leads to a better outcome. It is easy to forget that and to take risks in order to ‘catch up’. With retirement planning there is no [...]

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What Every Saver Needs to Know

This week’s article focuses on the fact that while “everyone’s retirement is different, 2022 is going to have some big differences from 2021 that will affect almost every retiree and retirement saver to some degree”. We’ve provided you with a link to the article so that you can see the specifics on what those differences are, including higher social security [...]

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Biggest Risks to Your Retirement

You’ve saved for years and have finally retired, and yet, there are so many world events going on, both domestically and abroad that the only constant now is change. The news is full of commentaries about market declines and inflation. What can be done to reduce those risks? Sometimes it is as simple as sticking with quality financial products with [...]

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What does it mean to me?

We’ve received questions from some of our readers asking what a hike in the Fed rate means to them, and so we reached out to an investment strategist to see what was being said. “This year’s expected series of rate hikes, the first since 2015, marks the beginning of Fed Policy normalization. But it also has increased market volatility and [...]

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Don’t shy away

This week’s article references a study that found “33 percent of people don’t think they would qualify for life insurance.” We hope that you are not shying away from discussing the topic of life insurance because you think the same way. Purchasing this type of insurance is in fact a big deal, but most likely necessary to make sure your [...]

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Reminder to Take Advantage

With the due date for filing tax returns fast approaching, you may be getting ready to make your 2021 contribution into your IRA or other qualified account. Since we are already into 2022 you can take advantage of that and consider doubling down and also making your contribution for this tax year. It gives you that much more time for [...]

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