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Important New Information!

Did you hear? A major insurance carrier is offering a larger than ever BONUS on one of its products that they previously told you about. It’s too good, and only offered for a limited time, to risk not knowing about it. Call us so we can provide you with all of the updated information.

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It’s Not Magic

Retirees sometimes get to the point where, as the saying goes “it is what it is” and there “is” only so much money in their retirement savings account, and it won’t or can’t get any bigger. So then the question becomes, what can be done with that savings to last through what is hopefully a very long retirement? We have [...]

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A New Retirement Security Framework Is Required to Meet Unprecedented Challenges

Did you know that “Peak 65 is a term used to describe the point in time when more Americans will turn age 65 than at any point in history, which will occur in 2024.This fast-approaching milestone requires the urgent attention and collective action of retirement security stakeholders, including policymakers, the financial services industry, employers and consumers themselves. The report also [...]

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The How-Tos And Benefits Of A Minor Participating In 401(k)s

If you are a small business owner, this week’s article might be of interest to you. It mentions that “the 401(k) has become the go-to retirement plan for many Americans and continues to gain traction. The flexibility, tax savings and scale of 401(k) plans have made it attractive to employers and employees alike.” But it goes on to tell us [...]

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Examining the Nest Egg

Did you know that the National Institute on Retirement Security, “Examining the Nest Egg: The Sources of Retirement Income for Older Americans,” January 2020 reports that 40.2% of older Americans only receive income from Social Security? We believe in supplementing that retirement income with additional income you can’t outlive. Call us if you are interested in hearing more about a [...]

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IRA Contributions Might Lower Your Taxes. What’s The Right Strategy For You?

This week’s article confirms an announcement recently made by the IRS. “You now have an extra month to lower your tax bill with contributions to your individual retirement account (IRA). Just like last year, the IRS has extended the 2020 tax filing deadline to May 17, allowing Americans an extra month to make IRA contributions that can potentially ease their [...]

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What Is an Indexed Annuity?

This week’s article provides an easy answer to the question ‘What is an Indexed Annuity’? “An indexed annuity is a type of annuity contract that pays an interest rate based on the performance of a specified market index, such as the S&P 500. It differs from fixed annuities, which pay a fixed rate of interest, and variable annuities, which base [...]

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Deadlines approaching for your annual deposits

With deadlines for filing tax returns approaching we are beginning to remind people that the deadline for making their permitted annual deposits into their retirement accounts is also approaching. Even if you have a Roth IRA you may want to consider the different options you have to both accumulate wealth for retirement, or if you are already retired and taking [...]

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Do Beneficiaries Pay Taxes on Life Insurance?

Lately we’re being asked about taxes and life insurance, and whether or not beneficiaries of a life insurance policy have to pay income taxes on that money, or whether the estate has to pay taxes on it. The simple answer is, usually, no. But because there can be nuances involved depending on how the life policy is owned, or how [...]

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