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How Much Life Insurance do I Need?

This is frequently a question we are asked.  This week’s article may help you to think out why you are purchasing life insurance as that answer helps determine the answer to the question of how much you need. Why is that? Because some people purchase life insurance to pay their final expenses, others to create an inheritance or make a [...]

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Children and Grandchildren

Often when we ask ourselves ‘Have I saved enough for retirement?”  we are really just asking if we can afford to give financial gifts or assistance to our children or grandchildren. The difficult part in answering this question is due to the uncertainty of planning for long-term care as we really won’t know what our own needs or life span [...]

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Biggest Risks to Your Retirement

You’ve saved for years and have finally retired, and yet, there are so many world events going on, both domestically and abroad that the only constant now is change. The news is full of commentaries about market declines and inflation. What can be done to reduce those risks? Sometimes it is as simple as sticking with quality financial products with [...]

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What does it mean to me?

We’ve received questions from some of our readers asking what a hike in the Fed rate means to them, and so we reached out to an investment strategist to see what was being said. “This year’s expected series of rate hikes, the first since 2015, marks the beginning of Fed Policy normalization. But it also has increased market volatility and [...]

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Don’t shy away

This week’s article references a study that found “33 percent of people don’t think they would qualify for life insurance.” We hope that you are not shying away from discussing the topic of life insurance because you think the same way. Purchasing this type of insurance is in fact a big deal, but most likely necessary to make sure your [...]

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Reminder to Take Advantage

With the due date for filing tax returns fast approaching, you may be getting ready to make your 2021 contribution into your IRA or other qualified account. Since we are already into 2022 you can take advantage of that and consider doubling down and also making your contribution for this tax year. It gives you that much more time for [...]

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With so much going on around us in the market, it is difficult for many of our clients to have time to hit pause and think about the impact of taxes on their retirement savings. We thought to make it easier for you by sharing an up-to-date 2022 Tax Reference Guide for a quick glance at important tax filing information [...]

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Pension Fund lost more than $3 million Last week

Most of us are asking what impact Russia’s invasion on Ukraine has on us personally, and NBC News helped answer that question– at least for those who are retired teachers in Kentucky. The Kentucky Teachers’ Retirement System lost more than $3 million last week in selling off its direct investments in a Russian bank the day before Russia invaded Ukraine, [...]

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News reports and what they mean to you

With news reporting the markets are nearing bear market territory I’m starting to be asked what that actually means. Let’s start with definitions: “A bear market is when a market experiences prolonged price declines. It typically describes a condition in which securities prices fall 20% or more.” “Bear markets also may accompany general economic downturns such as a recession.” How [...]

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Are you still on track?

Plenty of factors go into understanding whether you are on track to meet your financial goals for retirement, including not just what you have set aside in savings and investments, but your rate of return, and inflation. With the ever-changing market conditions, and higher than usual inflation it is important to check to see if you are still on track. [...]

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