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Time to Reflect

With one month to go until the new year, it might be a good time to reflect on the status of your retirement savings in order to better understand what your choices and needs will be in 2021. Take a look at this week’s article for a few retirement calculators. They help you to understand if you are saving [...]

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Holidays and Financial Stress

Did you know that according to one 2019 survey roughly 48 million Americans were still paying off 2018’s holiday debt by the 2019 holiday season? Therefore, it shouldn’t be surprising that a more recent survey conducted this year by Goldman Sachs found that 50 percent of Americans think gift-buying is the most financially stressful event throughout the year. So [...]

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Marshmallows & Social Security

I thought you would enjoy this week’s article as it explains the old “marshmallow test” in answering the question of “should US retirees delay claiming Social Security until age 70, even if they have to spend savings until then?” You may ask “What do Social Security benefits and marshmallows have in common? When placed squarely in front of most [...]

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