Most people don’t realize it…

But taxes are near historical lows.

Today, the highest Federal income tax rate is 37%.

Do you know what the highest Federal tax rate was in 1981?

It’s was 70%! (Thats almost unbelievable, isn’t it?)

Here’s why these low tax rates can’t last forever…

Our national debt is now more than $31 trillion. But money doesn’t grow on trees. Somebody has to pay for this massive spending spree.

And the only logical option is to raise taxes.

Now, I’m not saying we’re going to a 70% federal tax bracket again. But I am saying there’s a big difference between 37% and 70%. So, the government has a lot of room to raise taxes.

If you’re recently retired or hoping to retire soon, these higher taxes could take a big chunk of your retirement savings.

The good news is…..

You have more control over how much you pay in taxes in retirement than at any other time in your life. And if you take advantage of some simple tax-planning strategies now, you could save yourself a bundle in retirement!

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