I read an article this past week that discussed what the author said was the most important assumption of retirement planning, life expectancy. The article said experts call this the “retirement-consumption puzzle”.  While we can reasonably estimate each of our retirement income sources and dollar amounts, the one most important factor we can’t know is how long we’ll live.  The author provided a great analogy and said it’s like packing for a car trip and not knowing if you’re going across town or across the country.  So what can you do? Call us, we have information on longevity and the calculations that are currently being suggested.  For example, did you know that a study showed the richest 1% of women lived 10.1 years longer than the poorest 1% of men?  That equates to a difference of 14.6 years. Enough of a difference to have an impact on retirement savings.  Together we can review your income sources and apply that to your specific situation and see if your savings plans seem sufficient.  We’re always here to help.